contactless menu card in stand
Use our new contactless menu card by scanning the QR code with your phone or hovering your NFC enabled phone over the card. read more..
09 November 2020   |   Seritag News
Apple adds built in NFC reader on iOS14. Here's how to use it. read more..
17 September 2020   |   Industry News
Scan NFC tags using phone, apps and now via a browser. read more..
30 April 2020   |   Industry News
A brief explanation on the difference between NFC wet and dry inlays read more..
30 April 2020   |   Seritag News
iphone held close to an industrial nfc disc tag
An introduction to Real ScanStrength - how we measure the real world NFC scan distances of each tag. read more..
01 December 2019   |   Seritag News
close up of a pvc disc tag
30mm PVC disc tags now in stock! Find out about our range of PVC disc tags, custom print options also available. read more..
04 October 2019   |   Seritag News
image of inside of a shop
A quick insight into interactive NFC and artwork read more..
04 October 2019   |   Industry News
bottles of wine on a shelf
The use of NFC technology is rapidly increasing into new industry sectors from transport to product goods. Here we highlight three recent projects that we believe are a great way to use NFC tags. read more..
25 August 2019   |   Opinion
ntag424 logo with image of tags on a reel
What is an NTAG424 authentication chip? read more..
16 August 2019   |   Seritag News
a net mesh graphic
Ixkio NFC tag management platform adds Blockchain read more..
01 August 2019   |   Seritag News
screen grab of ios13 phone page
How does NFC work with iOS13? read more..
26 June 2019   |   Opinion
ntag dna logo
NXP have launched the next generation of their NTAG series NFC tag authentication chips. Called the NTAG 424 DNA, read more..
19 September 2018   |   Industry News
photo of the apple iphone xs and xs max
Apple have added background NFC tag reading to iOS12 on the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR read more..
19 September 2018   |   Industry News
top 10 letters written in large text
Different ways that NFC can be used read more..
19 September 2018   |   Opinion
illustration of authentication use cases
New authentication chips launched by NXP read more..
19 October 2017   |   Industry News
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