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an iphone scanning and nfc tag
A quick step by step tutorial explaining how to read NFC tags with an iPhone read more..
15 September 2020   |   Using NFC
iphone held in hand with open encoding app
Step by step how to encode an NFC tag with an iphone read more..
21 April 2020   |   NFC Tech
close-up detailed image of 29mm nfc inlay
NFC is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data such as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices. read more..
22 April 2020   |   Using NFC
android phone encoding an nfc tag
Step by step to read and write NFC tags with an Android phone. read more..
15 January 2020   |   NFC Tech
digital padlock indicating security
Delving deeper into the differences between authentication vs identification. Which tags can be used for authentication and how does it work. read more..
03 January 2020   |   Using NFC
hand drawing of the nfc logo
There's always been a bit of confusion about choosing which NFC logo or NFC icon. So let's help clear things up. read more..
24 April 2020   |   Using NFC
A breakdown of all the different chips and how many bytes of memory can be stored on each tag. read more..
25 July 2019   |   Using NFC
The Different Sizes NFC tags come in. Things to consider, the size of the antenna vs the tag size, the scan strength that each size gives and the advantages of different size tags. read more..
23 April 2020   |   Using NFC
tape measure lying unwound on table
There's a few things to consider when looking at scan distance, the size of the tag, the chip, the tag design and tag quality can affect the way the tag scans. read more..
12 June 2019   |   Using NFC
What are on-metal tags, how they work, why we need them. read more..
23 January 2020   |   Using NFC
graphical image of a microchip in a circuit
Which NFC chip is right for your project. A comparison of the available chips on the market. read more..
11 March 2020   |   Using NFC
hand selecting an object from a line
Deciding which tag is the best for your project. Here's a list of questions to help narrow down the choices. read more..
06 December 2019   |   Using NFC
Using NFC garment tags in clothing
Help and advice for integrating garment NFC tags into clothing, wearables, accessories and shoes read more..
14 March 2022   |   Using NFC
An easy to use calculator to see which tag can fit your URL and how to count each chip's memory. read more..
23 June 2019   |   NFC Tech
mobile phone scanning an nfc enabled guitar pick
A short video on how to encode an NFC tag to share a Spotify playlist read more..
05 November 2020   |   Using NFC
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