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Seritag is a full service provider for NFC tags. We design and build specialist equipment for large scale encoding, scanning and ID printing of your NFC tags.


We charge a £10.00 (€11.40) setup fee and £0.03 (€0.04) per tag for standard single encoding. This is where all the tags are encoded with the same data.

We charge a £15.00 (€17.10) setup fee and £0.03 (€0.04) per tag for variable encoding. This is where each tag or batches of tags are encoded with different data.

Locking of the tags is included in the price if required.

UID Scanning

We charge a £10.00 (€11.40) setup fee and £0.03 (€0.04) per tag to scan the UID (unique ID) from each tag and provide you with a CSV (excel) spreadsheet of the scan.

ID Printing

ID Printing is the process of adding a unique visual print onto each tag/product. This might be an ID or reference number, a QR code or both. The cost of this varies by product and can be seen by selecting the option on each product page.


Usually, your order will be supplied in a single batch (envelope, reel, multiple reels). If you require your tag order to be split into separate, labelled batches we charge a setup fee of £5.00 (€5.70) and then £1.00 (€1.14) per batch.

NFC & QR Code Management
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