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New NFC Disc and NFC Industrial Tag Stock

09 April 2021   |   Seritag News

We have added new lines of stock industrial and disc NFC tags to cater for the growing demand in patrol, round management and industrial applications.

The new products include a slim version of our popular industrial tag - which we've called the instrustrial slim tag This is a extremelry durable product with NTAG213 chip. Can be used on both metal and non-metal surfaces. This has a central hole for screw or rivet fixing and can also be supplied with optional 3M VHB adhesive for sticking to a range of surfaces. 

For the patrol and round management market, we've added three new 'patrol' tags. All three can work on both metal and non-metal surfaces. Available in 30mm (black only) and 25mm (black and white) sizes, these tags come with attached 3M adhesive for fast and easy deployment. Made from durable ABS, the ferrite on-metal barrier material is fully enclosed in the waterproof enclosure - making these ideal for wet and sheltered outdoor locations. NTAG213 chip for reliable, long term operation. 

Based on the success of our Warehouse Tag, we've now added a white warehouse NFC tag version. Same specification but the white version is better suited to customers looking to have a laser etched ID. Comes with attached 3M adhesive and a central hole for screwfix or rivet attachment. Can be used on metal and non-metal surfaces and like our patrol tags, the ferrite barrier material is completely enclosed inside the ABS housing making for a more durable and reliable product. 

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