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Smartrac's tiny 12mm x 19mm Midas clear NFC tag. Copper antenna provides a strong scan distance for the size.

Use this tag for product integration where space is at a premium.
A neat 22mm round white faced NFC tag for subtle tagging. Simple ID printing available.

Use this tag for asset tagging and non-laminated product, label and package tagging.
A thin 22mm round clear NFC tag. An economical and popular choice.

Use this tag for laminated integration into labels and packaging.
A high performance 38mm white faced NFC tag. The best scan distances and ideal for ID / QR Code printing.

Use this tag for smart posters, location tagging, advertising and product/packaging applications where space allows.
A high performance 38mm clear NFC tag. Thin, economical performance. Can be ID printed under certain circumstances.

Use this tag for printed material lamination where space allows.

The Selection

Seritag sell a limited number of carefully selected NFC tags. We consider these tags to be the best in class for long term reliability, scan distance and quality.

This is why.

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