Tag Selection

Seritag stock and sell a limited number of NFC tags. There are four reasons we do this.

1. NFC tags, not products

Seritag only sell NFC tags which we define as stickers and labels. We don't sell products such as NFC cards, wristbands and other items. The reason for this is simply that being a specialist tag provider means we can put all our time, development and investment into providing the best service possible in this area.

2. The best NFC Tags

It's quite common among NFC retailers to stock and sell a vast array of different NFC tags. In fact, most NFC retailers will have pages and pages of various sizes and colours. Most of these tags are, frankly, rubbish. The quality control is terrible, scan performance is poor and extremely variable and reliability is shocking. That's not the Seritag way. We have chosen and sell only the best possible tags. They may not be the cheapest, but the vast majority of our customers care more that the tags will scan today, tomorrow and reliably.

3. Fit for purpose

While it might seem like a great idea to have a high choice, the reality is that NFC tags are used for specific purposes. The reality is that this means that when all the details are worked through, the tag either needs to be large with the best scan distance possible or it needs to be compact because space is a premium. So we stock and sell large tags and small tags. It's that simple.

4. Availability and delivery time

By concentrating on a limited tag selection, we gain three things. First, we can make sure that stock levels of the selected products remain high. Second, because we focus on a limited range we can buy and manufacture the tags in larger numbers - driving pricing down. Thirdly, we can tailor our encoding and printing machines to work with maximum speed and accuracy because they don't need to cope with a huge variety of specifications.

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