photo of the apple iphone xs and xs max
Apple have added background NFC tag reading to iOS12 on the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. This finally brings NFC technology on the latest iPhones into line with Android... read more..
19 September 2018   |   Industry News
top 10 letters written in large text
With the news that the latest generation of Apple iPhones will be able to scan NFC tags out of the box without an additional NFC app, 2019 looks like it.. read more..
19 September 2018   |   Opinion
illustration of authentication use cases
NFC chip manufacturer NXP have launched two new chips aimed at the making NFC authentication easier. NTAG413 DNA The new NTAG 413 DNA chip adds cryptographic authentication using what NXP are calling.. read more..
19 October 2017   |   Industry News
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