Stay ahead of the curve by familiarizing yourself with the latest regulations as the European Union gears up to introduce Digital Product Passports in the coming years. Ensure your business is ready for the transition well before the deadline. read more..
17 April 2024   |   Industry News
Will STMicroelectronics launch of the ST25TA-E take the crown from NXP's NTAG424 ? This new authentication NFC chip promises asymmetric encryption allowing blockchain based key storage. read more..
05 April 2024   |   Opinion
NHS Hangtag connected to ixkio
NHS Trust are using NFC hangtags connected to ixkio tag management platform to access free wellbeing support. Support includes workshops, counselling and cost of living advice. read more..
30 November 2023   |   Seritag News
NFC Marketing Starter Pack
Our new marketing NFC starter pack includes a wide range of products from NFC pens, NFC coasters, to NFC fridge magnets. This pack allows you to see the products in person before placing a larger order. Try encoding for yourself or ask us for advice! read more..
20 September 2023   |   Seritag News
ScanStrength+ machine scanning nfc tag
We have designed and built an entirely new machine for our ScanStrength+ system to achieve the most accurate NFC tag scan recording yet. This includes an offset recording from the center of the tag. You will be able to see each NFC tags ScanStrength+ reading on every product page. read more..
07 July 2023   |   Seritag News
Authentication Starter Pack
Our new Authentication NFC Starter Pack is available to purchase now! This pack includes a range of labels and disc tags in all sizes with NXP's NTAG424 chip. Choose from pre-encoded or no encoding. read more..
14 April 2023   |   Seritag News
NFC wristband and hangtag
Avon and Somerset Police launched their Dementia Safeguarding Scheme using our NFC wristbands to help missing or lost people with dementia get help. read more..
12 April 2023   |   Seritag News
Seritag launch new NFC starter packs for all of the most popular product groups
New NFC starter packs have been added to our website with a range of different products including disc tags, printed and plain labels and garment spec. read more..
10 February 2023   |   Seritag News
ixkio Alpha logo
New ixkio Flex Alpha plan launched with NFT, assignment and encoding support read more..
08 December 2022   |   Seritag News
NTAG424 tamper detection NFC Tags
New NTAG424 tamper detection NFC tags now in stock at Seritag. Great for testing, development and concept work. read more..
28 November 2022   |   Seritag News
Issues found when locking an NFC tag with an iPhone
Seritag have recently become aware of a problem when locking NFC tags with an iPhone. Read on to find out the difference between 'hard' locking and 'soft' locking. read more..
15 November 2022   |   Seritag News
Understanding which small NFC is right for your project
Seritag's latest projects using new small NFC tags read more..
26 July 2022   |   Seritag News
Phone checking for product authentication with NFC
NXP launch new NTAG426Q, NTAG223/224 authentication chips with StatusDetect technology read more..
24 February 2022   |   Industry News
NFC Forum wayfinding logo
The NFC Forum has launched a new 'Wayfinding Mark' NFC Logo read more..
04 November 2021   |   Industry News
ST25TN512 29mm NFC Inlay
New range of NFC tags with ST NFC chips coming soon read more..
28 September 2021   |   Industry News
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