1. About Seritag

About Seritag

The team at Seritag have been providing customers all over the world with NFC tags since 2012. We have worked on projects from Mongolia to Madagascar and most places in between.

Seritag focus on providing high quality tags delivered with professionalism and care. That means that you know when you buy an NFC tag from Seritag, you get a top quality product. Genuine chips, consistent tuning, accurate encoding and rigorous quality control.


We have built some of the most advanced post-manufacture encoding and ID printing machines in the business. While speed is important, the machines have been tuned and perfected for 100% accuracy. Our machines have encoded millions of tags for Seritag and other tag providers. Our experience in building encoding and ID printing machines means that we can provide even the largest quantities of tags easily, quickly and accurately.


In 2013, we launched our ground-breaking NFC tag management software - ixkio. Ixkio was engineered specifically for the large scale deployment and management of both standard and authentication grade NFC tags. Designed to be the engine between your physical product and your existing websites and app, ixkio provides the strength behind your NFC project.

Our Customers

Our customers include some of the world's largest brands but it's our smaller start-ups that we are most proud of. We've helped companies start with selecting their first samples to growing into businesses needed hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of tags.

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