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Wet inlays and dry inlays now in stock

30 April 2020   |   Seritag News

We usually stock NFC label/stickers which consist of two layers of very thin plastic with the antenna sandwiched in-between. However, as many of customers are starting to use tags in more and more unique and varied cases, we are starting to now also stock a 29mm tag as both a 29mm NTAG213 wet inlay and an NTAG213 dry inlay variant. 

Wet inlays

A wet inlay consists of a single layer of plastic with the antenna on one side and the return path on the other. Unlike a standard sticker/label, where there's a second layer of plastic so that the antenna and chip are protected, the chip on a wet inlay is exposed. This single layer means that the tag is very thin which makes it ideal for lamination between cardboard, paper or for application behind an over-sticker. The downside is that they are weaker, so they need to be handled with a little more care. Supplied on a reel with permanent adhesive (on the chip side) with an NTAG213 chip. 

Dry inlays

Dry inlays are the same single layer of plastic with antenna but have no adhesive and are not die cut. Dry inlays are supplied on a continuous roll of plastic and need to be cut to be used. Also with the NTAG213 chip and with a 25mm diameter antenna. 

Both these items are now stock and we will continue to hold them and restock them. 

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