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On-Metal NFC Tags

23 January 2020 (Updated: 03 May 2023)  |   Using NFC
On-metal NFC tags

Why are on-metal NFC tags different ?

Because NFC Tags work by electromagnetic induction, metal can easily interfere with their operation. NFC Tags can never work behind metal and if placed directly onto metal, then you need to use a special 'on-metal' tag.

The technical bit

The reason NFC Tags don't work on metal is that the metal surface behind the tag acts as a ground plane and reduces the performance of the tag's antenna, effectively stopping it creating the current needed to power the chip.

In reality, you can often get the tags to work with just a small gap (0.5 - 1 cm) and it's possible to simply use thick foam type stickers to create a gap.

However, to do the job properly or you don't have the space to create a gap, you should use on-metal tags. These have a ferrite foil barrier between the tag and the adhesive layer which allows the tag to work directly on metal.

On-Metal Tag Construction


The ferrite foil (or similar) barrier effectively creates a 'gap' (not an actual gap, but a 'fake' physical gap in terms of electromagnetic induction) so that the antenna can function properly.

The ferrite foil is only a fraction of a millimetre thick and is stuck and then die cut to exactly the same size of the label itself.

Ferrite Layer

Can on-metal NFC tags be used on non-metal surfaces ?

Yes. NFC tags with the additional ferrite barrier to allow them to work directly on metal surfaces can also be used on non-metal surfaces.

The downside with on-metal tags

The downside is that on-metal tags have a significant and noticeable performance disadvantage to their normal counterparts.

It's not unusual for the scan distance to be half that of a comparable 'normal' tag placed on a non-metal surface. It's worth noting that there will be a reduction in performance of on-metal tags even when they are not placed on metal. This means that if you purchase a batch of on-metal tags for both on-metal and not on-metal use, you will get a performance reduction across all your tags.

Part of the problem with purchasing on-metal tags is that many suppliers use cheap ferrite material. Because cheap ferrite material doesn't work very well, the tags actually perform quite well - until they are placed on metal. Then they don't work very well at all.

Seritag use very high quality Japanese ferrite material made to strict RoHS and performance standards. As a result, the performance when the tags are not on-metal and when they are is almost exactly the same.

How big a gap is a gap ?

If you would prefer to create a gap rather than using on-metal tags, then the first question is usually, 'how big a gap is OK?'

Under test conditions, Seritag measured the relative scan performance of a 29mm NTAG213 standard tag against a 29mm NTAG213 tag designed for metal surfaces.

On-Metal Ferrite vs. Gap


The tests show that although a normal NFC tag doesn't function at all on a metal surface, the performance of the tag with a gap of just 3mm performs as well as an on-metal tag. With a gap of 6mm (0.6cm), the normal tag starts to perform better than an on-metal tag.

It's important to note that the performance will vary depending on the phone, the tag and the metal itself. Please use these tests as an indicator only.

What this means is that if you can create even a very small gap between the metal and the tag, then you will see an equal or even improved performance just by using a standard NFC tag. And you'll save money as well !

Will an NFC tag work with metal at the sides ?

Generally, metal 'columns' on a single side of the tag will not affect performance providing you leave a small few millimetre gap.

Metal all around the tag can affect performance. However, if you have a small gap between the metal and the tag and ensure that the metal is not in front of the tag, the tag should still function.

Reverse on-metal Tags

The reverse on-metal tags differ to regular on-metal tags as they have the adhesive on the other side of the antenna to the barrier.

These tags are ideal for when you’d like the tag to be hidden or behind a something. For example, these tags would be attached to the back of a poster which would then be placed onto a metal item.

Reverse on-metal construction

Reverse on-metal construction

Seritag have the 29mm Reverse on-metal labels in stock for immediate dispatch.

NFC tags for metal from Seritag

Seritag offer a range of on-metal NFC tags direct from stock and can manufacture many more including custom printed or custom designs. Our stock tags include 22mm on-metal NTAG213, the popular 29mm NTAG213 on-metal NFC sticker and the more durable 30mm on-metal PVC NFC disc tag and 30mm ABS Patrol Tag. We also stock a couple of tough disc tags for outdoor use: a 29mm warehouse NFC tag and a very durable 34mm Industrial NFC tag. Remember that on-metal NFC tags can work on both metal and non-metal surfaces so if you aren't sure where your tags might be placed, an on-metal variant is often a safer bet. 

If you are after something with a custom logo, printed QR code or a different style of product for metal surfaces, then don't hesitate to contact us


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