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handbag on the arm of a woman
The trade in counterfeit goods is substantial by any measure and it's growing: Estimated to reach 1.2 Trillion USD in 2018*. It affects almost every product sector including luxury goods,.. read more..
23 August 2019   |   Using NFC
Using NFC tags with NFTs
A user guide on a how NFC tags can work with NFTs and the metaverse. read more..
31 March 2022   |   Using NFC
an rfid tag on a reel
RFID and NFC are two closely related wireless communication technologies that are used globally for a vast number of applications such as access control, asset tracking and contactless payments. RFID.. read more..
20 June 2019   |   NFC Tech
How do NFC tags work ? An active device (usually a mobile phone) generates a local magnetic field which induces an electric current in the antenna of the passive device (the.. read more..
16 November 2019   |   NFC Tech
a smart poster advertising free beer
What is a smart poster ? A smart poster is a poster which has built in technology allowing a reader to interact with it using a smart phone. In general terms,.. read more..
14 December 2018   |   Using NFC
signs indicated redirection changes
There's a lot of different uses for NFC Tags. In many cases, tags are deployed with a link to a website or webpage and it doesn't need to change. For.. read more..
23 August 2019   |   Using NFC
hand with five fingers apart
In October 2015, the NFC Forum confirmed the addition of the 'NFC Forum Type 5 Tag Operation Technical Specification'. Which, in short, means that in the future we can expect.. read more..
12 December 2019   |   NFC Tech
hand holding a medicine package
Early in 2017, NXP launch a variation of their popular NTAG213 chip called the NTAG213 TT. The NTAG213 TT 'Tag Tamper' chip was designed to detect tampering or modification to.. read more..
23 August 2019   |   Using NFC
Your Sticker, Label and Inlay options Seritag generally refers to 'NFC Tags' as stickers (also called labels), inlays and disc tags. We call wristbands, keyfobs, pens and so on, 'NFC Products'. NFC.. read more..
21 April 2019   |   NFC Tech
close image of white and clear nfc stickers
An NFC tag is the combination of an NFC chip, an NFC antenna and something that holds it all together. Choosing which NFC tag you need for your project can make all.. read more..
20 February 2020   |   Using NFC
Getting started with NFC tags isn't difficult. For the vast majority of users who want to implement NFC tags into a marketing, identification or authentication project, there's usually very little.. read more..
21 June 2019   |   NFC Tech
TapStart TwinConnect NFC and QR Code Labels
An introduction to Seritag's TapStart system for quick start NFC & QR read more..
23 November 2021   |   Using NFC
illustration of how to use a reverse on-metal NFC tag
Information on help on when to use reverse on-metal NFC tags and why they are different to standard on-metal tags. read more..
04 November 2021   |   Using NFC
How to scan NFC tags with Android and iPhones
View our updated infographic showing everything you need to know about which mobile phones can scan NFC tags and how to do it. read more..
03 February 2023   |   Using NFC
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