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Share Spotify Playlists with NFC Tags

05 November 2020   |   Using NFC
Image of Share Spotify Playlists with NFC Tags

If you have a Spotify playlist and you want to share it - then use an NFC Tag ! 

We've put together a short video on how to encode your NFC tags using the NFC Tools App and your NFC phone. It's super quick, really easy and will work on both Android and iPhones. Brilliant for band promotions, event or festivals or just as a gift between friends. We've even started selling NFC guitar plectrums for that extra marketing touch !

What you need

To share your playlist, you'll need an NFC enabled phone for encoding with the NFC Tools App downloaded. You'll also need Spotify installed on your phone. 

For the NFC tags, almost any sticker, keyfob or disc tag with an NTAG213 chip will do. Just choose the format that works with you best. 

Watch the video for the step by step guide. 

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