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trade show stand
Discover our new range of NFC marketing products, ideal for trade shows and events. Understand how they can encourage engagement, quickly share contact details and link potential clients to you website. read more..
05 October 2023   |   Using NFC
Fire door and NFC
With the new legal requirements of checking fire doors in communal buildings and offices every three months, NFC technology is being used to prove checks have been carried out. read more..
13 June 2023   |   Using NFC
Circular economy and NFC
People are becoming more aware of the waste fast fashion is creating. Learn what the circular economy is and how NFC technology can help. read more..
10 May 2023   |   Using NFC
Is NFC 'Smart Packaging' the new way to prevent counterfeit products?
The counterfeit market is losing billions every year in the food, wine and spirit industries. NFC tags can help prevent this through the use of 'Smart Packaging'. read more..
20 February 2023   |   Using NFC
NFC infographic
All the key information explaining what is an NFC tag in a neat infographic. All of our most frequently asked questions, answered in one place! read more..
11 February 2021   |   Using NFC
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