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New NTAG424 DNA NFC Tags

16 August 2019   |   Seritag News

We've had a large number of customers asking about the new NTAG424 authentication chips and when we are going to start stocking them.

The NTAG424 is a replacement for the NTAG413 chip and features the same SUN NDEF message authentication. The 424 is an easier chip to work with and we've decided to start stocking a range of tags in different formats using the chip.

The 424 is available in two variants - a standard chip and a 'TT' tamper tag option. The TT option has additional features which allow the chip to detect a break in an additional (non-antenna) loop of wire. Seritag have undertaken a number of projects in the past with the NTAG213 TT chip and have experience of developing tags using this chip. In reality, tags using the tag tamper feature tend to require custom design and therefore don't lend themselves to being a 'stock' product. The same is likely true of the NTAG424 TT variant and therefore we don't currently intend to stock this product.

However, we are working on a tamperproof variant of the standard NTAG424 chip which will simply break when the tag is tampered with.

To start with, we will be stocking a 29mm white version of the NTAG424 DNA which will be available from September at around 0.39 GBP / 0.44 Euro per unit. As with the NTAG413, we offer an encoding service for these as well as full backend authentication support via our Ixkio NFC Tag Management system.

If you are planning on using authentication NFC tags, then speak to us today to see how we can help.

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