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A high performance tiny 12mm x 19mm Midas clear NFC tag. Copper antenna provides a strong scan distance for the size.

Use this tag for locations where space is at a premium.

Price per tag : £0.23  (ex. VAT)
A specialist NFC authentication tag for use with product and object authentication. This is a 19x19mm square clear tag with a durable construction and the NTAG413 DNA chip.

Use this tag for NFC authentication.

Price per tag : £0.42  (ex. VAT)
A thin 22mm round clear NFC tag. An economical and popular choice with the cost effective low memory NTAG210µ chip.

Use this tag for high volume packaging and product integration

Price per tag : £0.11  (ex. VAT)
An old favourite which is always very popular with packaging and product integration. Thin, high performance and reliable with the standard NTAG213 NFC chip.

Use this tag for laminated integration into labels and packaging.

Price per tag : £0.21  (ex. VAT)
A thin 25mm round clear NFC tag with NTAG213 NFC chip. Clean design with no lettering or branding. Ideal for lamination and integration projects.

Use this tag for product and packaging applications.

Price per tag : £0.21  (ex. VAT)
A strengthened version of the popular 25mm clear tags. Flexible and strong, this tag can withstand domestic wash and dry cycles. Designed for use in garments but useful in a whole host of other NFC applications.

Use this tag for garment, product or accessory integration where increased durability is required

Price per tag : £0.26  (ex. VAT)
A versatile 29mm round clear tag for all round use. A popular choice and a great balance between size and scan distance.

Use this tag for all general NFC use cases

Price per tag : £0.21  (ex. VAT)
A thinner inlay version of our popular 29mm clear tag. Ideal for print lamination to avoid any tag bumps.

Use this tag for print lamination and label conversion

Price per tag : £0.21  (ex. VAT)
A highly specialist 25mm antenna, NTAG213 dry inlay product. Single substrate, no adhesive and no die cut.

Use this tag for specific lamination and integration projects

Price per tag : £0.24  (ex. VAT)
A high performance 38mm clear NFC tag with the NTAG213 chip. Superb scan distances from this larger tag. Thin construction allows for print lamination but works great as a hidden high performance label.

Use this tag for hidden high scan distance applications where space allows

Price per tag : £0.21  (ex. VAT)
A large 48mm x 79mm (credit card inlay) sized clear NFC sticker with NTAG213 NFC chip. For maximum scan distance performance especially with higher powered USB readers.

Use this tag for Smart posters and other larger scale marketing

Price per tag : £0.38  (ex. VAT)
Our largest label. At 55mm x 85mm, this credit card size sticker with NTAG213 chip has the potential for the longest scan distances, particularly with higher powered readers.

Use this tag for applications requiring the maximum scan distance

Price per tag : £0.52  (ex. VAT)

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