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The NTAG215 chip was launched in 2013 alongside the NTAG213, NTAG212, NTAG210 and NTAG216. It's a full featured chip with a medium size memory capacity. The NTAG21x series chips included a number of enhancements over the NTAG203, including a 32-bit password and ASCII UID mirror. There were also a number of technical changes including a thinner 75µm chip format and an increase in expected data retention to 10 years. Importantly, NXP also added an originality signature feature which helped detect counterfeit NTAG series chips.

The NTAG215 has always been a slightly odd specification. It's not got quite enough memory for using as a vCard (which you should never do anyway) and it costs more than the 213. Availability is poor which means lead times are high and costs are relatively high. While it is cheaper than the full size NTAG216, it's not that much cheaper and for most use cases in this area, the price difference will probably be lost to production delays and costs.

In short, if you are in the market for a high memory chip, you might want to look at the NTAG216 or iCode SLIX 2 instead. However, Seritag always recommend that NFC tags shouldn't typically be used to store data but contain only the link to data. In which case, using a large memory chip isn't always a good idea in the first place.

Key Features

User Memory
504 Bytes
488 Chars*
Total Memory
540 Bytes

Key Specifications

Chip SeriesNTAG
NFC ForumType 2

Phone compatibility


Typical Use Cases

  • Vouchers
  • Object Identification
  • Very long tracking URLs

User Features

Total memory (bytes)540
User memory (bytes)504
Max URL (chars)488
UID (bytes)7
ECC signature
32-bit password
UID ASCII mirror
Scan Counter
Counter ASCII mirror

Technical Specifications

Chip thickness75 µm / 120 µm
NFC ForumType 2
Operating Freq.13.56Mhz
Data Trans. Rate106 kbit/s
Input Capacitance50pf
Fast read
Data retention (years)10
Write endurance (cycles)100000
StandardISO/IEC 14443 A
Release date2013

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