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The authentication NTAG424 DNA chip was launched in 2019 as a replacement for the first authentication NTAG chip, the NTAG413. Hosting a wealth of security features this second generation frictionless authentication chip is now the standard for anti-counterfeit, phygital (physical to digital) and web3 based projects.

The user memory of the NTAG424 is divided into three 'files' so understanding the usable memory can be a little more complicated than some other chips. We generally refer to the user memory on this as 256bytes as this is the size of the main 'NDEF' storage file and reflects how long a URL or similar data can be stored. For all but the most unusual cases, this is substantially more than enough.

The NTAG424 is also available as a TT version adding 'tag tamper' functionality. Alongside the 'SUN' feature - which allows encrypted data to be dynamically added into the NDEF data - the chip also has a range of additional features including 5 key slots, additional memory for non-NDEF data, encryption and dynamic NDEF substitution of SDM metadata (which means that the UID + Counter data can also be encrypted and added to the URL).

Encoding the authentication features of the NTAG424 is not easy and not possible with standard mobile phone apps. We recommend getting your NTAG424 chips encoded by Seritag or discussing with us your options.

Key Features

User Memory
256 Bytes
249 Chars*
Total Memory
416 Bytes

Key Specifications

Chip SeriesNTAG
NFC ForumType 4

Phone compatibility


Typical Use Cases

  • Anti-counterfeit
  • Authentication
  • Phygital

User Features

Total memory (bytes)416
User memory (bytes)256
Max URL (chars)249
UID (bytes)7
ECC signature
32-bit password-
UID ASCII mirror
Scan Counter
Counter ASCII mirror

Technical Specifications

Chip thickness75 µm / 120 µm
NFC ForumType 4
Operating Freq.13.56Mhz
Data Trans. RateUp to 848 kbit/s
Input Capacitance50 pF
Fast read-
Data retention (years)50
Write endurance (cycles)200000
StandardISO/IEC 14443 A
Release date2019

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