White NFC Tags

A neat 22mm round white faced NFC tag for subtle tagging. Contains the full featured NTAG213 chip. Simple ID printing available.

Use this tag for asset tagging and non-laminated product, label and package tagging.

Price Per Tag : £0.20  (ex. VAT)
A very popular 29mm round white face tag. Perfect for all round NFC use cases and a good balance between size and scan distance.

Use this tag for all general purpose NFC applications.

Price Per Tag : £0.21  (ex. VAT)
A square 29mm version of our best selling 29mm round white face tag. These tags are great for QR code labels but the plastic face, great scan distance and quality construction make them a popular all round choice.

Use this tag for all general purpose NFC applications.

Price Per Tag : £0.21  (ex. VAT)
A specialist NFC tag which can be used on both metal and non-metal surfaces. High quality construction and exceptional on-metal performance.

Use this tag for applications where the tag needs to be placed on metal surfaces.

Price Per Tag : £0.43  (ex. VAT)
This 29mm white tag uses the ICODE SLIX2 NFC chip and is recommended for use where long term memory retention is required.

Use this tag for long term asset tagging

Price Per Tag : £0.24  (ex. VAT)
A high performance 38mm white faced NFC tag. The best scan distances and ideal for ID / QR Code printing.

Use this tag for smart posters, location tagging, advertising and product/packaging applications where space allows.

Price Per Tag : £0.21  (ex. VAT)
Our popular 29mm white face label with the latest NTAG424 DNA authentication chip. Available with ID printing and encoding/integration into our Ixkio tag authentication platform for immediate deployment.

Use this tag for product and object authentication

Price Per Tag : £0.42  (ex. VAT)

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Seritag sell a limited number of carefully selected, best in class NFC tags. They are chosen for long term reliability, scan distance and quality.

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