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45x30mm Tamper Tag NTAG424

  • Will destruct when tried to be removed
  • NTAG424 authentication chip
  • Thin construction - can be used under labels
This is a 45mm x 30mm white NTAG424 scratch tamper-proof label. The face material and structure of this tag is manufactured in a way that once applied, it will break apart when an attempt to remove is made. At which point, the antenna will be damaged and the tag will no longer scan.

This tag is particularly delicate to handle and care must be taken removing from the liner and applying.

Supplied in strips in lower quantities or on a reel in higher numbers.

Note that the NTAG424 is an advanced chip that requires specialised software for encoding and verifying the anti-counterfeit features. Usual NFC mobile apps cannot encode these chips to work with authentication. Ixkio tag management users can use the ixkio mobile app to encode for both redirect or API with full authentication.

We can provide high-speed encoding services for these tags for ixkio users and in some cases other verification systems.

This product is available as special order with unique ID print for visual identification if required. Please contact us for information and ordering.

Using NFC Tamper Labels

There are two main categories of NFC tamper labels - Destruct type (which stop working on tamper) and Detect type (which continue to work but can tell if a tamper has been made). Destruct labels have two sub-types : scratch and peel. Detect have two sub-types : break and capacitive. 

Tamper tags don't like movement. They work best on firm, solid and non-flexible surfaces such as glass or rigid plastics. 

Scratch Tamper

Scratch tamper tags are designed to disintegrate on an attempt to remove. The tags must be attached to a smooth, clean surface. If you are testing, give the label plenty of time (ideally 24 hours) for the adhesive to get a good grip. An attempt to remove will chip away at the tag and destroy the antenna. These tags can be placed behind other labels. 

Peel Tamper

Peel tamper tags have two layers which are designed to separate when an attempt is made to remove. The tags must be applied to a smooth, clean surface. As with scratch tags, give plenty of time for the adhesive to reach full strength before testing removal. On removal, the top layer will separate from the base layer destroying the antenna and preventing the tag working. 


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Product Data

NFC Chip NTAG424
Interface Specification ISO 14443 / 13.56 MHz / NFC Forum Type 4
Total Memory 416 Bytes (User)
Data Retention 50 years (estimated)
Metal Surfaces (?)Not suitable
Unique Print (?)Not Available
NFC Label Format Tamper
Label Size 45x30mm Rectangle
Adhesive Yes, Permanent
Delivery Format Reel / Strips of 5
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