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30mm PVC NFC Disc Tags

04 October 2019   |   Seritag News

We've been supplying these for a while as a special order product but we've now decided to add them as stock.

Available as both standard 30mm PVC NFC disc tag and 30mm on-metal PVC NFC disc tag versions, these are a more 'knock-proof' and durable alternative to standard labels.

Both are supplied with attached 3M9080 adhesive for long lasted and strong adhesion. The on-metal version can be used on both metal and non-metal surfaces.

The NFC antenna and chip is fully enclosed within the disc making the standard tag waterproof and suitable for use in indoor wet conditions and sheltered outdoor locations. The on-metal variant has exposed ferrite barrier material so we'd recommend for only intermittently damp conditions.

We still recommend moving to the more industrial ABS and nylon products for longer term exposed outdoor locations. The PVC isn't UV stabilised and could gradually break down over many years of exposure.

These are great value products for warehouse or high use environments where a label isn't going to be durable enough.

Also available as special order in full colour print and with ID/QR code options.

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