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Warehouse Tag

  • Integrated ferrite for long term durability
  • Adhesive and screw fix attachment
  • Strong ABS construction for high traffic locations
A strong, waterproof 29mm ABS disc tag with integrated on-metal barrier material for use on both metal and non-metal surfaces. Includes 3M backing adhesive and a central hole for both screw fix or peel and stick application. The warehouse tag is a popular choice for healthcare and security round management or location tagging for asset control. Includes the reliable NTAG213 NFC chip from NXP.

Product dimensions are 29mm round, 4.8mm thick with a 5mm central hole.

We recommend this tag over many of the alternatives for exposed, outdoor or high traffic locations because of it's integrated ferrite. Many of these types of tags have the on-metal barrier material stuck and exposed on the back. On this product, the ferrite is protected inside which will provide a more long term reliability.

Note : There are a number of very similar looking tags on the market for this product - they are not all made the same. These tags have 0.6mm thick internal barrier material for performance and a copper coil antenna for long term, stable and reliable scanning.

We can also supply these as a special order with a laser etched ID for visual reference as required. Note that the ID print on this black ABS isn't particularly clear and for ID printing we recommend the white warehouse tags.

On-Metal Tags Explained

Normal NFC tags do not work when placed directly onto metal surfaces. Therefore, when using NFC tags on metal you either need to create a gap of at least 0.5 cm between the tag and the metal or you can use a special tag - called an 'on-metal' tag - which has an additional ferrite barrier material between the NFC tag and the adhesive. 

On-metal tags will work on both metal and non-metal surfaces. However, on-metal tag scan distances always tend to be slightly less than standard NFC tags so unless you need tags that will (or might) go on metal, we would strongly recommend that you go with standard tags. 

For more information and details of how on-metal tags compare with normal tags, read our on-metal NFC tag guide


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Product Data

NFC Chip Genuine NXP NTAG213
Interface Specification ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz
Total Memory 144 Bytes
Data Retention 10 years (estimated)
Metal Surfaces (?)Yes
Unique Print (?)ID Print Available
Real ScanStrength (?)31mm - 40mm
On-Metal ScanStrength (?)21mm - 25mm
ScanStrength Offset (?)80%
Printing Option Laser etched ID
Disc Size 29mm Circular
Hole Size 5.0 mm
Thickness 4.8 mm
Adhesive Yes, 3M9080 Permanent
Construction Material ABS
Weather Resistance High
Operating Temperature -40C to +85C
IP Rating IP66
Water Rating Waterproof
Availability Stock Item - Immediate Dispatch
Delivery Format Single Units
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