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Apple iPhone 7 Plus NFC

Does the Apple iPhone 7 Plus have NFC ?

Yes. This phone normally has NFC functionality.

How do you turn on NFC on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus ?

The NFC function is always on. There's no on/off setting.

Can the iPhone 7 Plus scan NFC Tags ?

Yes, but it requires an App. Read our how to read NFC tags with an iPhone tutorial or watch the video :


The level of functionality depends on the version of iOS the phone is running. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus needs to be running at least iOS11 to be able to scan NFC tags. Additionally, an App needs to be installed and the App would need to be open to action the scan. With iOS11, there is a limited functionality. The phone can only read tags with an NDEF payload (ie, a web address). It cannot access other parts of the tag memory such as the UID (unique ID) or perform more advanced fucntions.

With the release of iOS13, Apple added additional functionality which included the ability to write to NFC tags, lock NFC tags and access the UID. Additionally, the iPhone 7 Plus can also access other tag data such as the counter.

However, although it has been incorrectly reported by some other NFC websites, the iPhone 7 Plus does not have NFC tag background scanning and an App still needs to be loaded and open to the scan a tag. Background tag scanning is the ability for the phone to respond to a tag without an additional App and without any specific App being open.

Seritag currently understand that this is not likely to change with any future release and is a limitation of the electronics inside the iPhone 7 Plus.

Can the iPhone 7 Plus write/encode NFC tags ?

Yes, providing the latest iOS 13 operating system is installed. Prior to iOS 13, only NFC tag scanning was possible, not writing. Additionally, with iOS 13, NFC tags can also be locked.

Seritag have put together a quick step by step tutorial on encoding NFC tags with an iPhone. You can also watch our 90 second encoding NFC tags with an iPhone tutorial on youtube.

Which NFC tags can be used with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus ?

The iPhone 7 Plus can read all standard NFC chips including the popular NTAG series and iCode SLIX tags. As with Android, Seritag recommended avoiding the larger memory NTAG216 chips.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a relatively small and focused NFC antenna. As a result, many users have commented that scan performance with some of the smaller NFC tags is not great. Conversely, the use of very large tags (credit card size for example) can result in very poor or failed performance. Seritag recommend the use of standard 20-40mm tags for the most reliable and consistent performance. However, also bear in mind positioning of the tags. Avoid placing too much material and distance between the tag and the user. Try and ensure that the hotspot is clearly indicated so the user can line the iPhone 7 Plus up.

Where is the NFC antenna on the iPhone 7 Plus ?

The NFC antenna on the iPhone 7 Plus is located on the top edge.

NFC Tags For The Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The table below illustrates the available NFC tags and their compatibility with your phone. As phone specifications can change without notice and also vary from region to region, we strongly advise testing tags before any purchase.

NFC Chip Compatible
MIFARE Ultralight® EV1Yes

How much memory do I need ?

Depending on what information you need to store on your NFC tags, you will have different memory requirements. NFC Tags have a very limited memory so getting a tag that will store everything you need is important. Seritag have put together some information on how much memory you will need in your NFC Tag.

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