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22mm On-Metal NTAG424

  • Strong scan distance for a small tag
  • Express ID/QR print available
  • Can be used on both metal and non-metal surfaces
A 22mm white face NTAG424 authentication tag for use on both metal and non-metal surfaces. This is a high quality label using a specially tuned antenna and high performance ferrite barrier material to achieve strong ScanStrength from a smaller package.

Note that the NTAG424 is an advanced chip that requires specialised software for encoding and verifying the anti-counterfeit features. Usual NFC mobile apps cannot encode these chips to work with authentication. Ixkio tag management users can use the ixkio mobile app to encode for both redirect or API with full authentication.

We can provide high-speed encoding services for these tags for ixkio users and in some cases other verification systems.

Supplied on reels of up to 2,000 in larger orders or strips of 5 in smaller quantities. Can be supplied on smaller reels if required, just let us know. This product is also available in custom print for larger orders over 5,000 units. For smaller on-metal custom printed orders, we suggest our on-metal NFC custom print labels.

This product can also be supplied quickly from stock with a simple black ID print or QR code print. Order online or contact us for more information.

On-Metal Tags Explained

Normal NFC tags do not work when placed directly onto metal surfaces. Therefore, when using NFC tags on metal you either need to create a gap of at least 0.5 cm between the tag and the metal or you can use a special tag - called an 'on-metal' tag - which has an additional ferrite barrier material between the NFC tag and the adhesive. 

On-metal tags will work on both metal and non-metal surfaces. However, on-metal tag scan distances always tend to be slightly less than standard NFC tags so unless you need tags that will (or might) go on metal, we would strongly recommend that you go with standard tags. 

For more information and details of how on-metal tags compare with normal tags, read our on-metal NFC tag guide

Authentication Tags Explained

A quick guide

A normal NFC chip, such as the NTAG213, NTAG215 or iCODE SLIX can store a URL (web link) in it's memory. When scanned, it presents this link to the scanner (a mobile phone for example). It presents the same link every time, in a similar way to a QR Code. 

An authentication NFC chip, such as the NTAG424, works differently. When the URL is encoded onto the tag, a secret key is also encoded, along with some other settings. When the tag is scanned, it presents the URL but also a unique code which is generated using this secret key. This unique code changes on every scan and can be verified using an authentication server which will hold the same secret key. 

Note that the full name for the NTAG424 chip is the NTAG424 DNA. We usually just refer to it as the NTAG424 chip. 

Using authentication chips

As this code is unique for each scan, these NTAG424 NFC tags can be used for anti-counterfeit and authentication. It makes them extremely powerful as they can be used to ensure that the tag is the exact tag that you expect it to be. All from a simple scan with a mobile phone (no special app required).

Authentication chips have a huge range of use cases from the obvious protection of luxury goods, artwork and pharmacuiticals to supply chain security, document authentication, ticketing, proof of physical presence, secure log-on and more. 

Encoding authentication chips

While standard NFC tags can be easily encoded with any of the free mobile phone applications, encoding NTAG424 chips is substantially more complicated. You have four choices : 

  1. Use NXP's TagXplorer desktop software to encode the tags (note that NXP no longer support this software but at the time of writing it was still available to download)
  2. Build your own encoding system.
  3. Get Seritag to encode your tags for you
  4. Use our Ixkio Tag Management platform and encode with our ixkio mobile app.

More information

For more information on buying and using NTAG424 or other authentication chips, contact us or read more about NFC tag authentication.


Ixkio NFC Tag Management

What is tag management ?

NFC tag management allows you to dynamically control the destination URL of your NFC tags. It provides tracking and stats, authentication services for anti-counterfiet tags, and a host of features to assist in getting the right tags in the right locations or products. Ixkio even allows you to encode your own NTAG213, iCODE or NTAG424 tags with our mobile App. 

Using ixkio

Ixkio is designed as an engine for your NFC tags and works alongside your existing ecommerce or marketing website. You don't need to spend time and money to recreate your branding or content. Ixkio can be used as an API system for authentication or more commonly a redirect system - managing dynamic links. Of course, you can attach your own domain so the tags are encoded with your brand. 

Tags can be encoded by us at supply (free of charge for labels) or you can encode your own tags - including NTAG424 - usng our mobile app or your own mehtods. You can then manage and alter the tag destination using rules and dynamic data features to display pages from your exiting website. 

Ixkio provides additional powerful tools to protect your landing page when using authentication tags and can even pass tag related information from ixkio - such as serial numbers or prodict information - to be dynamically displayed on your page. We have even built a Shopify App to make integration easier for Shopify users. 

Can ixkio be used for Digital Product Passports (DPP) ?

Absolutely. Ixkio has a comprehensuve data factilities engineered to allow extensive product information to be connected to your tags. This data can then be dynamcially passed to your existing website for display if required. 

Getting started

Ixkio subscriptions can be purchased online at or contact us for more information. 


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Product Data

NFC Chip NTAG424
Interface Specification ISO 14443 / 13.56 MHz / NFC Forum Type 4
Total Memory 416 Bytes (User)
Data Retention 50 years (estimated)
Metal Surfaces (?)Yes
Unique Print (?)ID & QR Print Available
NFC Label Format On-Metal Label
Real ScanStrength (?)26mm - 30mm
On-Metal ScanStrength (?)21mm - 25mm
ScanStrength Offset (?)< 50%
Printing Option Thermal Transfer
Label Size 22mm Circular
Thickness 0.32 mm
Adhesive Yes, Permanent
Face Material White PET Plastic
Antenna Type Etched Aluminium
Weather Resistance Low
Water Rating Water Resistant
Availability Stock Item - Immediate Dispatch
Delivery Format Reel / Strips of 5
NFC & QR Code Management
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