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Why are there gaps on reels of tags?

Reader - 10 Jan 2023
On all reels of NFC or RFID tags there are non-functioning or sub-functioning tags. There's not usually that many. On a reel of 2000 tags you might get perhaps 5-20 non-functioning tags.

When we ship these reels to prevent the non-functioning tags being accidently used we remove them from the reels - a process called 'cleaning' the reels. In a few cases we might replace the non-functioning with working tags but in most cases we leave the gap. Therefore you can sometimes come across a gap on a reel of tags.

Non-functioning tags are not included in the count. If you order 2000 tags you will receive at least 2000 working tested tags when you buy from Seritag.
Seritag - 13 Jan 2023
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