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Custom Print Keyfobs

Image of Custom Print Hang Tags NFC Tag
A great alternative to traditional keyfobs. Good looking, durable with full colour print and optional unique ID/QR code elements.
Image of Slimtag Keyfob NFC Tag
A slim, epoxy covered PVC keyfob measuring 18mm x 50mm. Full colour double sided print with optional unique QR code/ID.
Image of Classic Keycard NFC Tag
A classic rectangular 55mm x 27mm PVC keycard. Available in double sided full colour print with unique elements.
Image of Premium Keycard NFC Tag
A premium PVC keycard with double sided full colour print and optional unique elements (QR code, ID number).
Image of Classic Keyfob NFC Tag
A classic design, ABS keyfob available in a variety of colours with one, two or three spot colour print. NTAG213 NFC chip as standard but also available with NTAG215 or MIFARE Ultralight EV1.

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