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Keyfob Pack

  • Variety of different keyfob styles
  • Pre-encoded, unlocked to their item pages on the website
  • Stock items and custom print
A selection of the most popular keyfobs for testing and development. All these products contain the most common NTAG213 chip (can be supplied with other chips).

We have pre-encoded these keyfobs to link to product information so they will work 'out the box' but left unlocked so you can encode yourself as well as required.

Seritag can supply a very wide range of keyfobs in different style and formats. This pack is designed to give an idea of the most common finishes, sizes and formats.

The PVC tags are pre-printed with example QR codes as well to give an idea of how a dual NFC/QR keyfob might work for you.

This pack contains the following:

Stock CodeProduct
ST806 Custom Print Hang Tag
ST769 Classic Keyfob NTAG213
ST870 Premium Keycard White
ST823 Classic Keycard
ST813 Slimtag Keyfob
ST774 Premium Keyfob

Encoding NFC Tags

Encoding Yourself

You can encode your tags with a smartphone and it's quick and easy.

1. Download the NFC tools app - it's free for both iPhone and Android users
2. Open the app and tap 'Write', then add a record
3. Tap 'Custom URL/URI', and then copy and paste your URL into the given text box.
4. Tap OK, and then tap 'Write'
5. Hold your phone over the tag, and your tag will encode. That's it !

For more information, have a look at our How to encode tags with an iPhone and How to encode tags with an Android phone pages. 

Encoding by Seritag

Seritag have fast and accurate encoding services when you need a large number of tags encoded or you want to be absolutely sure that the encoding is handled correctly. 

For full information on how to order your NFC tags encoded by Seritag, read our Ordering NFC Tags with Encoding advice page. 


Seritag Product Code : ST951

Price per pack : $10.34  (price excludes VAT)Show prices with VAT
(You can encode the tags yourself)
Total Cost :

(excludes VAT)


Product Data

NFC Chip Various
Interface Specification Various
Total Memory Various
Data Retention Various
Metal Surfaces (?)Not suitable
Unique Print (?)Not Available
Availability Stock Item - Immediate Dispatch
Delivery Format Packs
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