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48x78mm Wet Inlay NTAG213

This is a 48mm x 78mm size wet inlay NFC sticker tag with NTAG213 NFC chip. The wet inlay format has a single plastic layer, which makes the tags thinner. Ideal for print lamination or placement behind other stickers.

This larger tag size is specifically for use where the maximum scan distance is required and you have the space to apply this larger tag. The performance of these larger tags is particularly noticeable when using higher powered USB or similar readers.

We supply these as individual units in smaller quantities (with liner, to be peeled off and placed). In larger quantities, we will supply on a reel.

Important Note : This is our preferred large format label (also available in white). Across a wide selection of mobile phones, this tag typically performs better in terms of scan distances that the larger 55x85mm size. If you are using a higher powered USB style reader, then the 55x85mm label will typically perform better.

Seritag Product Code : ST819
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Product Data

Interface SpecificationISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz
Total Memory144 Bytes
Data Retention10 years (estimated)
Real ScanStrength (?)Not tested yet
ID PrintingNot Set
Metal Surfaces (?)Not suitable
Full Reel Count1000
Label Size48mm x 78mm
AdhesiveYes, Permanent
Water RatingWater Resistant
Weather ResistanceLow
IP RatingNot Set
Antenna Size45mm x 75mm
Face Material-
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