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29mm Iron-on Garment Spec NTAG424

  • Direct iron-on for easy application
  • NTAG424 authentication NFC chip
  • Tested to ISO6330
This is a 29mm clear garment specification NFC tag with NXP's NTAG424 chip and iron-on adhesive for direct textile application. The garment specification adds strength to the normal stickers with thicker plastic layers and an extra epoxy protection over the chip and solder bonding.

This tag has been tested to ISO6330, an international standard for textile domestic washing and drying procedures. In general, the tag itself is designed for up to 100 domestic wash cycles. However, for security, we recommend placing a second iron-on or sew-on patch over the top to prevent the tag becoming dislodged in the wash. As the tag is more rigid than most clothing, the edges can easily catch and this can quickly lead to the tag becoming removed during wash/dry cycles.

Applying Iron-On Tags
The iron-on adhesive on these tags works very well when applied at the right temperature but very badly when applied at the wrong temperature ! We strongly recommend testing a few tags using different temperatures, pressures and timings.

For domestic irons onto medium weight cotton, we consider wool setting, 20 seconds from the front or 25-30 seconds from the back with a medium-firm pressure is about right. For professional press, we consider 120 degree C, 8-12 seconds and 3KG force.

Generally, if you try and remove the tag and the tag is peeling from the adhesive leaving a smooth back on the tag - it's too hot or too long. If you can remove the tag and the adhesive comes from the fabric - it's too cold or too short. Testing is best and if you get it right, it should be very difficult to remove the tag.

Note that the NTAG424 is an advanced chip that requires specialised software for encoding and verifying the anti-counterfeit features. Usual NFC mobile apps cannot encode these chips to work with authentication. Ixkio tag management users can use the ixkio mobile app to encode for both redirect or API with full authentication.

We can provide high-speed encoding services for these tags for ixkio users and in some cases other verification systems.

These tags have an additional connecting section between the tags which is part of a special manufacturing process. It can be removed and is not part of the circular die cut tags themselves.

Using NFC Tags in Clothing

Seritag stock and can supply a wide range of tags for smart clothing, garments, shoes and other wearables. We have extensive experience and are always happy to provide help and advice. A few things to consider : 


Generally, the choice is between a 'garment spec' label and a hard disc tag. 

Seritag created the term Garment Specification tags to define strengthened labels which are typically designed for up to 100 domestic washes. Our tags are either tested using thermal and humidity cycling or testing to the ISO6330 international standard for textile washing. They are slightly flexible. 

Hard disc tags are rigid PPS plastic tags typically from 20mm to 25mm in size. 

Our general advice is that if your project should not have any failed tags under any circumstances, you need to use a hard disc tag. If you don't expect the garment to be washed (collectables) or washed infrequently, you expect the tags only to be scanned early in their life and/or an occasional failure later in the garment's life is acceptable - use a Garment Spec label. 


Most garment tags - both disc and label - would be attached behind a sew-on or iron-on label. Sew-on is typically the best choice for all tags but almost always for rigid disc tags. 

We can also supply sew-on disc tags which look like buttons and can be directly applied. We aren't keen on these as the central holes can restrict chip and antenna design and can often lead to a tag that can be difficult to scan. 

We usually stock some direct iron-on garment tags which can be ideal for placing tags during manufacture or for shorter term direct use. Generally, for longer use, direct iron-on tags should be placed behind a second iron-on or sew-on patch to keep them secure.


One bit of advice we always give - start simple and grow. The logistics of adding NFC tags to clothing can get complicated quickly - as most factories aren't used to using smart labels. While it might be the goal for unique tags in every product line, size and colour - it might not be best to try and do that from day one.

Keep it generic, keep it simple. The grow. 


Seritag offer our groundbreaking ixkio tag management platform for deployment and post-installation management of both standard and authentication NFC tags. Whether you need to create dynamic NFC tags so you can modify the links later or full featured authentication for anti-counterfeit, our software has all the features you are likely to need.  

More Information

To help you get started with creating clothing NFC, we've put together an Ultimate Guide to NFC Clothing


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Product Data

NFC Chip NTAG424
Interface Specification ISO 14443 / 13.56 MHz / NFC Forum Type 4
Total Memory 416 Bytes (User)
Data Retention 50 years (estimated)
Metal Surfaces (?)Not suitable
Unique Print (?)Not Available
Liner Width 40mm
NFC Label Format Garment Specification
Real ScanStrength (?)31mm - 40mm
ScanStrength Offset (?)80%
Label Size 29mm Circular
Thickness 0.382 mm
Adhesive Iron-on
Construction Material PET
Antenna Type Etched Aluminium
IP Rating IP68
Water Rating Waterproof
Delivery Format Reel / Strips of 5
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