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NFC Tag Authentication with TapStart Pro

10 January 2022   |   Seritag News

In response to the growing demand for using NFC tags for product authentication, Seritag have now launched TapStart Pro. Using the popular TapStart platform, TapStart Pro allows users to deploy authentication grade NFC tags quickly - with no encoding, technical knowledge or special server software. 

TapStart Pro uses either NXP's NTAG424 or EM's em|linq authentication NFC chips in a selection of labels, garment spec tags and hard disc tags. The tags are pre-encoded to the TapStart tech so all that is required is a scan with a mobile phone to get started. 

It really has never been easier to start using authentication NFC tags. 

Why use NFC tags for authentication 

In short, QR Codes and standard NFC tags can be easily copied. While the presence of these standard tags can help deter copies or counterfeits, they don't provide a substantial barrier as the data from a QR code or standard NFC tag can be reproduced onto any number of duplicate labels or tags.   

NFC authentication tags are different. With each scan, they generate a new secure code which can be checked and authenticated. This means that making a copy of any tag data provides no benefit as it is immediately out of date and invalid. The result is that the tags provide a high degree of confirmation that the item they attached to, supplied with or embedded in, is genuine. This level of technology is not available with static QR codes and standard NFC tags. 

Using the TapStart Pro system

TapStart is designed specifically to allow app free and hassle free deployment of NFC tags and QR code labels. TapStart Pro is no different. Here's how it works. 

The TapStart Pro system needs three pages to be created on the destination website : an 'authentication passed' page, an 'authentication fail' page and a 'please scan again' page. These pages can be any design, hosted on any standard server, wordpress, wix or similar platform, and their content can be changed at any time. Seritag provides a line of Javascript code that should be added to the top of the 'authentication passed' page. No coding knowledge is required, just cut and paste. 

The NFC tags are pre-encoded and ready to use. Simply scan a control QR code (provided with every delivery), then tap the TapStart Pro authentication tag. This will launch a management screen. Add the links to your three pages (authentication pass, authentication fail, scan again) and update. The tags are now instantly live and can be added to your product or artwork.  

TapStart Pro use cases

Tapstart Pro is specifically designed for low volume users such as artists, specialist clothing companies, artisan food and wine producers, limited edition merchandising companies and any other companies who are looking to add the power and consumer confidence boost - and the marketing benefits - provided by authentication NFC tags. 

There's no monthly subscription, no complex sign up procedure or other long term commitments. With a minimum purchase of just ten units, and a range of tried and tested tags available with immediate dispatch, getting started couldn't be easier. 

TapStart as you grow 

The TapStart technology is built on our powerful Ixkio tag management platform. Powering millions of tags across the world, the Ixkio platform offers a host of powerful features for when your project is ready to scale. 

Any TapStart or TapStart Pro tags that you have used can move instantly and without modification onto the Ixkio platform should more powerful features such as remote management, monitoring, rules and batch deployment be required. It's ready when needed.

Getting started 

Have a read through our TapStart Pro user guide and then just order some tags.

All it takes is a couple of quick scans to now start using authentication NFC tags. 

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