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Inkjet Printable NFC Labels now available

06 July 2021   |   Seritag News
full colour inkjet printed nfc tag

We are now stocking a 29mm square and 29mm circular inkjet printable NFC tag for use with desktop colour label printers. These specially prepared tags have a matt inkjet coating and can be printed directly from machines such as Epson's C6000. 

Seritag use these labels regularly for fast production colour labels for clients. While they aren't laminated, they are still quite durable and are ideal for marketing, brochures, mail-outs and similar shorter term and dry use cases. The new tags (stock codes ST838 and ST839) will only be supplied on 76mm core reels rather than strips so that they can be tested and used within desktop label printers. 

Available to order from just 50 tags, we would recommend a short test run before any large scale purchase or roll-out. 

If you need short run or unique labels for products, packaging or marketing literature, these are a superb and cost effective full colour option. 

Seritag can also print these for you if you don't have a suitable label printer. Check our NFC Roll Express product or contact us directly. 

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