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How to share a Spotify playlist using an NFC Tag

Reader - 11 Jan 2023
To share your playlist you'll need an NFC enabled phone for encoding with the NFC Tools App downloaded. You'll also need Spotify installed on your phone.

For the NFC tags almost any sticker keyfob or disc tag with an NTAG213 chip will do. Just choose the format that works with you best.

Step 1: Click into Spotify app select the Spotify playlist you would like to share click the 3 dots and select share and copy the URL link.
Step 2: Open the encoding app, I've used NXP tag writer. Click on 'Write tags' , 'New data set' and then 'link' .Paste the URL that you have just copied and click save and write.
Step 3: Present the tag to the phone to encode.
Step 4: Come out of the app and test the encoding. The tag should take you straight to the playlist.

There is also a Spotify step by step Youtube Video that you are able to watch.
Seritag - 19 Jan 2023
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