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Launched in 2013, the NTAG213 chip marked a significant advancement in the NTAG series, succeeding the initial NTAG203 chip. This iteration introduced several enhancements, such as a 32-bit password and ASCII UID mirror, aimed at augmenting security and usability. Technical modifications included a thinner 75µm chip format, contributing to its compact design, and an improved expected data retention of up to 10 years.

Additional Features

One notable addition by NXP was the integration of an originality signature feature, a pivotal development in the ongoing battle against counterfeit NTAG series chips. This feature serves as a robust mechanism to authenticate the genuineness of NTAG213 chips, ensuring the integrity of the NFC ecosystem.

Compatibility is a key strength of the NTAG213, seamlessly substituting its predecessor, the NTAG203, and often proving a suitable alternative to the MIFARE Ultralight in various applications. As part of the comprehensive NTAG series, which encompasses the NTAG210, NTAG210µ, NTAG212, NTAG215, and NTAG216, the NTAG213 stands out as a versatile and widely utilized NFC Forum Type 2 chip.

Pervasive in NFC tags and products, the NTAG213's popularity stems from its ample memory capacity, capable of storing lengthy tracking web links or URLs, and its feature-rich design tailored to everyday use cases. Renowned for its reliability and impressive scan distances, the NTAG213 continues to be a cornerstone in the evolution of NFC technology.

Key Features

User Memory
144 Bytes
136 Chars*
Total Memory
180 Bytes

Key Specifications

Chip SeriesNTAG
NFC ForumType 2

Phone compatibility


Typical Use Cases

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Vouchers
  • Bluetooth Pairing
  • Object Identification
  • Product Information
  • Round Management
  • PLCR

User Features

Total memory (bytes)180
User memory (bytes)144
Max URL (chars)136
UID (bytes)7
ECC signature
32-bit password
UID ASCII mirror
Scan Counter
Counter ASCII mirror

Technical Specifications

Chip thickness75 µm / 120 µm
NFC ForumType 2
Operating Freq.13.56Mhz
Data Trans. Rate106 kbit/s
Input Capacitance50pf
Fast read
Data retention (years)10
Write endurance (cycles)100000
StandardISO/IEC 14443 A
Release date2013

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