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Will NFC work in a surfboard?

Reader - 11 Jan 2023
The short answer is yes. NFC tags can be scanned through any non-metallic material.

Which tag you use is dependent on how you will be integrating the tag into the surfboard. We have had a customer who put the tag inside the surfboard on top of the fiberglass before the resin. For this use case the customer used a garment spec tag as the tag was thin enough to not affect the construction and strong enough to withstand being fully submerged in liquid that had a little heat to it as this tag is designed to withstand washing and drying situations.

Alternatively you can carve a little hole the size of one of our PPS disc tags. These tags are waterproof, weather proof and able to withstand high grade chemicals so this is another great tag to be added as we can be sure it is strong enough to withstand most environments. The larger the size of the tag preferably around 38mm in size will allow for a larger scan range and users are able to easily find and scan the tags.
Seritag - 19 Jan 2023
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