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What's the difference between the NTAG424 and the NTAG213?

Reader - 11 Jan 2023
The NTAG213 stores data and presents it the same on every scan apart from the optional use of the scan counter.

The NTAG424 is more advanced. During encoding it is possible to also store a secret key. This key can be used by the chip to generate an encrypted code on each scan. This means that the link or data changes on each scan.

As the data/url presented by the NTAG213 is the same on each scan it can be copied. As the data on the NTAG424 changes any copied links will be immediately out of date.

Therefore the NTAG213 is a great chip for all general NFC use cases such as asset tagging or marketing. However the NTAG424 can be used in anti-counterfeit and authentication.
Reader - 13 Jan 2023
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