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Can I use conductive thread to create my own NFC tag?

Reader - 11 Jan 2023
Technically it might be possible to make an NFC tag with conductive thread. However, it is extremely difficult to tune the thread to the chip enabling it to be scanned with a phone or reader. Its not commercially possible to produce with a conductive thread.
Seritag - 11 Jan 2023
To continue this we (Seritag) have actually tried to create an NFC tag using conduction thread and it was not possible.

It was however possible to use conduction thread to create a tamper loop of the type used in NTAG213TT and NTAG424TT chips. Realistically though it was very delicate and would be extremely difficult - if not impossible - to make in any large scale production.
Seritag - 12 Jan 2023
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