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Can I store a photo on a nfc tag

I want to scan an nfc tag and view a photo is this possible?
Reader - 11 Jan 2023
The best way to do this is simply put the photo on the internet somewhere, a website, share on google drive,etc. Then link the NFC tag using a URL web link directly to the photo.
It also means that you can change what photo is visible by uploading a new one whenever you want.
Seritag - 11 Jan 2023
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Unfortunately NFC tags can only store a few hundred bytes of memory and photos will need at least 10 times this amount. Only data such as text or a weblink can be stored on a standard NFC tag.
Seritag - 11 Jan 2023
Would it not be possible to store a small gif onto the NTAG216 larger memory tags ?
Reader - 13 Jan 2023
It would be possible if the gif was for example 800 bytes or so. This would be a very simple graphic rather than a photo of course but technically possible.

The question perhaps is what you would do with this. No phone would natively recognise the file type and wouldn't be able to respond. You wouldn't really be encoding an image on the NFC tag but rather just the data that represents that image. The NFC reader wouldn't interpret it as a JPG, PNG, GIF etc.

In which case you would need the user to have installed an app to be able to view the image.
Reader - 15 Jan 2023
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