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Special Order Product

25mm Iron-on Garment Spec NTAG213

This is a 25mm clear garment spec NFC tag with iron-on adhesive. The garment specification adds strength to the normal stickers. We manufacture the tag using thicker plastic layers and there's an extra epoxy bond over the chip and solder bonding.

NTAG213 chip for reliability and performance.

This tag can withstand a limited amount of flexing and domestic wash and dry cycles. It's ideally suited for use in clothing, shoes, handbags and other fashion or garment items. A superb cost effective alternative to the more traditional rigid, sew-in NFC laundry tags.

Important We very strongly recommend careful testing of this product with your use case. While these tags are flexible, they are usually more rigid than the materials being applied to. This can result in the edges of the tags being caught and ultimately the tags detaching. In the majority of cases, the iron-on adhesive should only be used to hold the tag in place while another larger material patch or label is applied over the top. Any movement in the fabric below will result in the the adhesive itself not managing to hold the tag to the garment for multiple washes.

This product varies in how we produce it. We can either supply this on reels of up to 1,000 tags or in individual units.

We can supply this tag as a special order with different chips including the authentication NTAG424 or with white face with printed ID/QR code etc. This is a complex product so please discuss with us on lead times on any special order item.

Using NFC Tags in Clothing

Seritag stock and can supply a wide range of tags for smart clothing, garments, shoes and other wearables. We have extensive experience and are always happy to provide help and advice. A few things to consider : 


On the first things to consider when looking for tags for smart garments is how durabe they need to be and how long they need to last. This can affect both the choice of chip - in terms of memory retention - but also the type of tag required. Disc tags will last a lot longer but they are more expensive and their rigid nature doesn't always work well in clothing. Our 'garment spec' tags are flexible and cost-effective. Standard NFC labels are the cheapest option, but may not last in the wash. 


What is the easiest way for you to attach the tags to the clothing. Our sew-on buttons are great for quick application but if you want a hidden tag approach then using a sew-on or iron-on patch over a garment tag is a great alternative. 


One bit of advice we always give - start simple and grow. The logistics of adding NFC tags to clothing can get complicated quickly - as most factories aren't used to using smart labels. While it might be the goal for unique tags in every product line, size and colour - it might not be best to try and do that from day one. Keep it generic, keep it simple. 


Seritag offer our full featured Ixkio tag management platform for post-installation management of both standard and authentication NFC tags. However, it's always worth considering what you want from the project. If you encode a web link onto the tags, remember you can't change it without a management system once the tags have gone onto the market. Make sure you use a URL or link that will last. 

More Information

To help you get started with creating clothing NFC, we've put together an Ultimate Guide to NFC Clothing

This is a Special Order product which we will manufacture specifically for you. Current production time is estimated at 8 weeks.


Seritag Product Code : ST836

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Product Data

NFC Chip Genuine NXP NTAG213
Interface Specification ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz
Total Memory 144 Bytes
Data Retention 10 years (estimated)
Metal Surfaces (?)Not suitable
Unique Print (?)Not Available
Adhesive Iron-on
Label Size 25mm Circular
IP Rating IP68
Antenna Size 21mm Circular
Real ScanStrength (?)31mm - 40mm
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