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Introducing Yokti - Tag Anything with QR codes and NFC Tags

06 May 2021   |   Seritag News

Yokti is a new platform from Seritag which enables you to use special Yokti QR code labels and NFC Tags to Tag Anything quickly and easily. 

Yokti uses pre-encoded NFC tags and QR Codes linked to the Yokti platform. Simply apply a Yokti tag to anything you want and add information such as dates and messages. Add to food bottles so you can track when you opened them - apply a tag to your boiler so you know when the next service is, or even apply a tag to your plant pot so you know what seeds you used !

Tag data can be updated or fixed and there's a range of apps to choose from including a self destruct message option. 

The Yokti platform is subscription and registration free. So simply get some QR code labels or NFC tags from Yokti.com, apply and start using. Couldn't be easier. 

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