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Custom Print NFC Tag pricing calculator

27 August 2019   |   Seritag News

We've been making and selling custom print NFC tags, stickers and labels for many years but we've not advertised the options properly on our website… until now..

That's right, we've added a proper custom print NFC sticker pricing calculator with a variety of the most common options.

Seritag can make custom print NFC tags as stickers or labels in a number of ways but the three most popular are sheet conversion, roll conversion or roll production.

Unlike some companies in the market, Seritag only use industry leading print processes for the printed layer on our labels. At lower quantities, this will be digitally printed using industry leading equipment such as the Xeikon 3000. On higher runs, we'd switch to litho to get the most accurate print and best costs.

We'll add a lot more information on the website but a quick run through here for those looking to purchase :

Sheet conversion

This is ideal for very low quantities (typically less than 250), custom sizes and shapes and people with seriously short lead times. We print a vinyl, or occasionally polypropylene, top layer then machine add NFC inlays to the sheets. We then convert and cut to labels and supply on sheets. It's flexible and quick. We can also add custom unique QR codes or other unique elements.

It's called 'conversion' because we are essentially converting a normal sticker into an NFC sticker.

Roll conversion

In this instance, we print up larger quantities (typically 250-10,000) labels on reels and then convert these to NFC labels. The conversion take place using automated machinery that Seritag have built and designed ourselves. Unlike some of the larger industrial machinery on the market, it's specifically designed to handle smaller production runs quickly, easily and without waste.

That means we can keep costs down and turn jobs around fast. For medium level quantities on a tighter deadline, this is the best choice.

Roll production

This the one to choose for full scale production of custom print NFC labels. The top printed layers is merged and die cut to NFC inlays at high speed on large scale production machinery. Not ideal for low quantities but perfect for quality and price at medium to high volumes.

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