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Trial Pack

A great trial pack of 20 NFC tags to get you started. All tags work with both Android and iPhone*.

Pack contains all the most popular clear and white stickers along with the ABS and PVC disc tags. Over 20 tags and stickers in total, each clearly labelled so you can test which tag works best for you.

We also include some ID print and full colour printed samples.

*If you are using an Android phone, then you can encode these tags yourself following our encoding NFC tags with Android tutorial. If you are using an iPhone, then all NFC tags need to be encoded first before they respond. With iOS 13, you can now encode your tags yourself (tutorial coming soon), you can ask us to encode them in the order below or you can encode them with an Android phone first. View our how to read NFC tags with an iPhone tutorial to get you started.

Packs are in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

Seritag Product Code : ST705

Price per pack : £14.50  (price excludes VAT)
(You can encode the tags yourself)
Total Cost :

(excludes VAT @20%)


Product Data

NFC ChipNot Set
Interface SpecificationISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz
Total MemoryVaries
Data RetentionVaries
ID PrintingNot suitable
Label SizeVaries
Antenna SizeVaries
Face MaterialVaries
Full Reel Countn/a
Metal SurfacesVaries
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