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Trial Pack

A great trial pack with over 50 NFC tags to get you started. All tags work with both Android and iPhone*.

This pack contains the following:

Stock CodeProduct
ST700 Midas Clear NTAG213
ST863 29mm Garment Tag NTAG213
ST711 29mm White NTAG213
ST703 38mm White NTAG213
ST766 48x78mm Clear NTAG213
ST706 29mm On-Metal NTAG213
ST701 22mm White NTAG213
ST835 29mm Tap Multicolour
ST788 Warehouse Tag
ST738 22mm Tough Tag NTAG213
ST748 30mm PVC Disc NTAG213
ST796 Printed On-Metal PVC Disc
ST797 Printed On-Metal PVC Disc
ST807 Icon Hang Tag NTAG213
ST808 Icon Hang Tag NTAG213
ST713 PVC Card Gloss NTAG213
ST841 Fabric Wristband
This pack contains all the most popular clear and white stickers, along with ABS and PVC disc tags and example ID print and colour print tags. All tags are clearly labelled so you can test which tag works best for you.

*You can encode these tags yourself. If you have an Android phone, then you can encode these tags yourself following our encoding NFC tags with Android tutorial. If you are using an iPhone 7 or newer running iOS13 or above, then you can also encode these tags by following our encoding NFC tags with an iPhone tutorial. Note that these tags do need to be encoded (either by an Android or iPhone) before they can be scanned with an iPhone.

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Product Data

NFC Chip Various
Interface Specification Various
Total Memory Various
Data Retention Various
Metal Surfaces (?)Not suitable
Unique Print (?)Not Available
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