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NFC Coaster

  • High quality natural materials
  • Fully integrated NFC tag
  • Also available as custom artwork order
We make or supply a lot of products here at Seritag but this is truly one of our favourites. This is our stock bamboo coaster with cork backing and fully integrated NFC tag. Measuring 92mm diameter and 6mm thick and pre-printed with an NFC logo and 'scan here' text, these coasters are ready to use for a whole range of contact sharing, table ordering, marketing or other use cases.

Inside the coasters is a high quality NFC tag with genuine NXP NTAG213 chip.

We can supply these coasters without encoding (you can encode them yourself), pre-encoded to a URL of your choice, encoded to our TapStart system (for quick app-free, subscription-free URL management) or our full featured ixkio tag management system. Just select your choice from the options below.

This product is also available as a custom order with your own artwork options.

About TapStart

TapStart is an easy to use system which allows you to set and then change the destination link of your NFC tags without having to encode or use an app. No need to buy new tags, just update the links on the ones you have !

How TapStart works

When you order tags with TapStart, we pre-encode the tags and securely permanently lock them to the TapStart URL ( Each tag has it's own unique encoding. 

You also need a TapStart Control Card to manage the tags. However, you only need one Control Card for all the TapStart tags (of any type) you want to manage. 

To set the destination URL on your tags, just scan the Control Card, scan your tag and enter your link. That's it. 

To view the number of scans your tag has had, scan your Control Card and tap the stats button. You can even give your tags names/descriptions so if you are managing multiple tags, you can see which has been scanned. 

To change the destination, scan the Control Card again, then the tag and update. 

Key features

  • No complicated encoding or apps required
  • Built-in stats to allow you to view the number of scans on your tags. 
  • No login or subscription* required, just scan and use
  • Change your tag destination as often as you like
  • Integrated with ixkio if you need more features or advanced tag management

*TapStart has no monthly or annual fees for two years. After this, you can choose to either renew your Control Card each year (7.50 GBP, 9.75 USD, 8.55 EUR) or upgrade to one of our ixkio subscription plans. 

Using TapStart tags for contact sharing

A popular use case for many of our marketing products is for sharing contacts. Using TapStart allows you to test and try different contact sharing sites and change whenever you want. Additionally, adding more tags to a Control Card is much cheaper than buying some of the bespoke contact sharing products. 

Find out which contact sharing site might work for you. 


Seritag Product Code : ST973
Current Stock : 31 (need more?)We can typically supply additional stock of this product within 3 weeks. However, we very strongly advise you to contact us for exact production schedules for non-stock items before ordering.

Price per Coaster : 
1 - 9$25.94
10 - 99$19.44
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Product Data

NFC Chip Genuine NXP NTAG213
Interface Specification ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz
Total Memory 144 Bytes
Data Retention 10 years (estimated)
Metal Surfaces (?)Not suitable
Unique Print (?)Not Available
Real ScanStrength (?)51mm - 60mm
Size 92mm Circle
Thickness 6.3 mm
Adhesive No
Face Material Bamboo
Construction Material Bamboo + Cork backing
Availability Stock Item - Immediate Dispatch
Delivery Format Single Units
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