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Iron-On Woven Patch

  • Simple black NFC Forum logo design
  • Iron-on Woven Patch
  • For testing and proof of concept
This is a simple square 50mm x 50mm iron-on woven patch with a heat sealed edge. Designed and supplied for testing, development and proof of concept projects. Use with any of our garment spec labels such as the 29mm NTAG213 garment tag or 25mm NTAG424 garment tag. Apply the NFC tag to the back and then iron the patch directly onto clothing.

This item does not contain an NFC tag !

Seritag do not currently supply custom woven patches but have experience and knowledge of what patches might work for your project. We can provide advice to which NFC tags to use with various patches and what you should look for when ordering woven/printed iron-on or sew-on patches from suppliers.

Using the Sample Iron-on Garment Patch

The iron-on sample patch is designed to help you test and develop. The patch does not contain an NFC tag. This is how you use it : 

  1. Apply a Garment Spec tag to the centre of the back of the iron-on patch
  2. Place the iron-on patch onto your garment
  3. Using a iron set at 'cotton' gently press the iron-on patch to the garment just until the patch holds
  4. Turn the garment inside out and now iron with some pressure from the back to the patch for 10-15 seconds 

This should fix the iron-on patch in place. 

Note that iron-on garment patches (and irons, clothing, etc) vary. We recommend testing first at low heat for short periods particularly on non-cotton fabrics. 

This patch is for testing and development purposes only. We don't recommend using this patch in a final product !


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Product Data

Size 50mm x 50mm
Adhesive Iron-on
Delivery Format Single Units
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