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Special Order Product

Custom Print Bubble Disc Tags

A rigid, durable PVC disc tag, containing either the industry standard NTAG213 chip, authentication NTAG424 chip or the NTAG215 chip, and coated with epoxy resin for a smooth, high quality, professional finish. Available with soft touch or hard epoxy coating, and available as a standard or on-metal tag, this product is versatile and perfect for restaurant table marking, promotional work or asset tagging where a smarter finish is required.

Supplied as individual units, these tags come with a strong 3M467 adhesive to allow for easy attachment to smooth, clean surfaces. The tags are available in different sizes and are custom printed with your artwork. A high quality product with a wide range of uses.

Note that if you are looking for a bubble tag product to attach to the back of mobile phones or similar, we'd recommend our NFC bubble labels as they are thinner.

On-Metal Tags Explained

Normal NFC tags do not work when placed directly onto metal surfaces. Therefore, when using NFC tags on metal you either need to create a gap of at least 0.5 cm between the tag and the metal or you can use a special tag - called an 'on-metal' tag - which has an additional ferrite barrier material between the NFC tag and the adhesive. 

On-metal tags will work on both metal and non-metal surfaces. However, on-metal tag scan distances always tend to be slightly less than standard NFC tags so unless you need tags that will (or might) go on metal, we would strongly recommend that you go with standard tags. 

For more information and details of how on-metal tags compare with normal tags, read our on-metal NFC tag guide

Ordering Custom Printed Tags

Help and Advice

Firstly, if you have any questions about ordering custom printed products, then drop us an email or give us a call. We have worked on hundreds of custom print projects and we are always happy to give help and advice. If you don't see the product you need, just let us know what you want. 

Artwork Preparation

We have prepared a artwork preparation pdf for guidance on how to prepare your artwork for full colour tags. In summary, you need to make sure your artwork is good quality which means either vector artwork or a image of high resolution. If you don't have the experience or software to set your artwork, just email us what you have any any layout ideas you have. We can always help. 

Sizes and Outlines

For many products online there's also a template that you can download which will give you the size to work to. For others where there might be multiple sizes such as express labels, you can create your own outline (say 35mm round) or just ask us for a template of the size you need. 

The Process

If you are sure of your size and product, you can order online here and email us your artwork with your order reference number. If you aren't sure or want a proof first, then send us your artwork before you place the order. We can then check it's all good before you go forward. 

Once we have your artwork, we will typically produce a pdf proof to show you how the tags will look. This usually only take 24 hours but often you will get this back in the same day. You can then make sure you are happy with what we are going to print and we go to production. 

Unique ID/QR Code Elements

A unique element is something that is printed unique to each tag. For example, each tag might have it's own ID number and/or QR code. In these cases, you would prepare your artwork with an example QR/ID to show us the layout. We then remove this and use your data. You don't need to generate the QR codes - we do that automatically. You just supply a spreadsheet to us with the list of ID/QR Code data and we use that. 

This is a Special Order product which we will manufacture specifically for you. Current production time is estimated at 4 weeks.
We will send you an email after you have placed your order to provide details on how to upload your artwork and encoding files.


Seritag Product Code : ST873

Price per tag : 
100 - 199$3.18
200 - 349$1.88
350 - 499$1.28
500 - 999$1.10
1,000 - 2,499$0.84
2,500 - 4,999$0.68
5,000 - 9,999$0.63
10,000 - 19,999$0.60
20,000 - 49,999$0.59
50,000 +Contact Us
(price excludes VAT)Show prices with VAT 
(You can encode the tags yourself)
Total Cost :

(excludes VAT)


Product Data

NFC Chip Various
Interface Specification Various
Total Memory Various
Data Retention Various
Metal Surfaces (?)Optional
Unique Print (?)ID & QR Print Available
Real ScanStrength (?)21mm - 25mm
ScanStrength Offset (?)55%
Printing Option Full Colour
Adhesive Yes, Permanent
Weather Resistance Low
Water Rating Water Resistant
Delivery Format Single Units
NFC & QR Code Management
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