Which tag will be best for my application ?

Seritag sell a limited selection of NFC tags. Each tag is selected for a specific purpose and you can find some more information on our NFC tag selection page.

Can you quote in Euros ?

We can. We can typically quote a 90 day fixed written Euro price for any product that you see on the website. Just contact us with your requirements and we can provide the quotation for you.

Do you sell encoding or ID printing machines ?

We don't. The machines are extremely complicated and carefully calibrated to run very quickly and accurately. Unlike some NFC suppliers who simply bolt together various parts and hope for the best, our machines are designed from the ground up specifically for the job. We don't have the ability to support providing the machines to others.

How long does it take to encode NFC tags ?

A lot depends on the job being processed. Our machines are capable of tens of thousands of tags per hour. However, Seritag take a strictly accuracy first, speed second approach. We will schedule or slow down a job to ensure 100% accuracy rather than trying to rush it through and make mistakes. That might, for example, mean splitting a job between multiple encoding machines. If you are on a tight deadline, then speak to us. We don't make promises we can't keep and will usually be able to suggest a solution such as batch deliveries, alternative tags, direct shipments or whatever can help.

Can you encode tags that I supply ?

We can't. Our encoding and ID print machines are tuned for specific tags. We know that it is never cost effective to attempt to use other tags.

Can Seritag produce custom printed tags ?

At the moment, we can't. There are two ways to make custom printed tags. The first is during manufacture when the top layer, instead of being white, is a pre-printed layer. The second is to integrate a normal NFC tag such as the ones we sell behind a second printed layer. In many applications, a 'two layer' process of applying an NFC tag and a printed sticker over the top is actually more cost-effective and reliable than full up manufacture. Seritag have a vast amount of experience with printed NFC labels and can always provide advice even if we can't provide the finished product.

Can Seritag supply NFC products such as wristbands ?

We have a single focus on NFC tags and as such, we don't supply any other products.

Do Seritag carry all tags in stock ?

One the great benefits of a small product collection is that we can carry a large number of our tags in stock. However, we also sell a large number of tags ! This means that stock levels can vary quickly and a full stock at the start of the day can be gone by the end. If you have a project in the pipeline, just speak to us. We'll give straightforward advice on availability and do what we can to help.

Are there any NFC tags suitable for metal surfaces ?

We don't currently carry any tags suitable for metal surfaces - commonly called 'on-metal' NFC tags. We are likely to add an on-metal product in Q2 2018. We need to ensure complete reliability, quality and material specification. Unless we know it's a top grade product, we won't stock it. If this is your requirement, speak to us and we can let you know where we are.

Can you ship tags anywhere in the world ?

We only ship tags in the UK and mainland Europe. Currently, European orders need to placed offline. We have no plans to sell or ship NFC tags outside this area.

Can you encode data other than a web address ?

We can technically encode anything onto the tags. Anything other than a web address means that we usually either require a sample encoded tag from you or we will encode and ship you a sample tag for testing. We have extensive experience with encoding and this is the best and most reliable way to encode anything other than a web address. It works and it causes no problems. However, it does mean that at present, the order needs to be placed offline.

Are the tags unique ID's always unique ?

Yes and no. Technically the UID is unique but it depends on your application whether you should rely on it. There are both fake chips on the market and also chips that allow the UID to be encoded. This means that a UID can be duplicated. In short, for high security applications, you should not rely on the UID. On the flip side, you won't find any fake chips with Seritag and that means any tags we supply to you will have a unique ID.

Are some NFC tags more secure than others ?

Yes. The NTAG213 chip has a password protection feature which can 'hide' some of the data on the chip. However, there are even more secure chips on the market such as NXP's new NTAG413 DNA chip which can create a special unique code with each scan. Seritag plan on stocking the new NTAG413 chip as soon as availability of supply is strong.

Why do Seritag only stock SMARTRAC tags ?

We've tried NFC tags from almost every NFC tag manufacture in the world. SMARTRAC tags are not the cheapest. There are plenty of far-east suppliers that beat SMARTRAC on price. However, in the opinion of Seritag, none come close to SMARTRAC in terms of quality. That means reliability of product, manufacturing tolerances, peel consistency, scan consistency, long term reliability, quality control and a whole range of other essential criteria. If you are using NFC tags in your application and reliability is not an issue and few pence/cents is - then you can save money. However, we've come across very, very few applications where both short term and long term reliability isn't worth the small amount extra. Therefore, we stock the best.

Can the ID print be in different colours ?

Technically yes, but we don't recommend it. Seritag use a very specific (and expensive!) resin based ink for ID printing. Resin based inks have enhanced scratch, heat, chemical and other resistance. We have to print slower, but it's worth it for the increased quality. Many of the colours use a resin/wax or wax based ink which means an inferior print. We know some of our competitors can offer this but they don't have the quality standards that we do !

Are credit terms available ?

Unfortunately, at the moment Seritag cannot offer credit facilities for business customers.

Why do the tags mostly have NTAG213 chips ?

NXP's NTAG213 chip is the most popular NFC chip for use with NFC tags and mobile phones. Therefore, the costs associated with mass production of this chip and tags with this chip mean that it's the best value chip. It has a great set of features, more memory than the vast majority of applications will need and performs very well.

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