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Tap Printed Labels - 10 Pack

A superb pack of 10 NTAG213 NFC stickers using the 'tap printed' graphic with the new wayfinding NFC icon. 10 different colours with a high gloss finish. 32mm round with a strong adhesive backing.

These NFC tags use genuine high quality NXP NTAG213 NFC chips for reliability and a great scan distance. They can be encoded with both Android and iPhones quickly and easily to link through to your social media sites, websites, link sharing page or anywhere else you want.

If you are looking for some bright, high performance tags for use around your office or home, then this is a great place to start.

How to encode your NFC Tags !

You can encode your tags with a smartphone and it's quick and easy.

1. Download the NFC tools app - it's free for both iPhone and Android users
2. Open the app and tap 'Write', then add a record
3. Tap 'Custom URL/URI', and then copy and paste your URL into the given text box.
4. Tap OK, and then tap 'Write'
5. Hold your phone over the tag, and your tag will encode

What to encode ?

1. Encode a link direct to your website, instagram or other social media.
2. Share all your links and social media with services like Bio Link, Beacons or any of the other link sharing sites.
3. Use the NFC Tools App to encode the tag to share your Wifi connection


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Product Data

NFC Chip NTAG213
Interface Specification ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz
Total Memory 144 Bytes
Data Retention 10 years (estimated)
Metal Surfaces (?)Not suitable
Unique Print (?)Not Available
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