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What we offer

Seritag know that for many of our customers, one the first challenges of getting started with NFC is knowing where to start. We also know that in many instances, the question is often a much more general 'what can NFC do for us' rather than how to implement NFC.

This is why Seritag now offer an NFC consultancy service to provide the dedicated time to help you understand where to start, how to start and crucially, if you should start at all. If we then find that NFC is the right solution for you, we can then help you develop the right product and/or process for you to fully implement your NFC rollout.


Seritag know NFC tags. We have industry leading experience and have worked on hundreds of varied projects around the world. We can offer advice on :

  • Project advice.
    Before any discussion of tags or software, we can help you understand if you should be using NFC tags and how they might improve your customer interaction, loyalty or improve your workflow. We are clearly big fans of NFC, but we know it's not for every scenario and simply understanding if you should consider NFC is the first step.
  • Tag selection
    Impartial advice on which NFC tag and which NFC chip you require for your project.
  • Integration & deployment
    For any NFC rollout greater than a few tags, the logistics of actually getting the right tags in the right place usually become one of the most challenging aspects of using NFC tags. We can can help you understanding how this can work, how you can make it efficient and how you can integrate it with any systems you currently have.
  • Software
    NFC tags are great but they don't tend to do much on their own. At the simplest, they need to link to something. At the most complex, they might need to be part of a large asset management system. We can provide advice on how you can start. We'll keep things easy and in many cases we advise clients to start simple but design what you are doing from the start so you can always add more later.

Seritag do not offer consultancy advice on using NFC for payments other than closed loop payment systems, for example micropayments for festivals, events or tradeshows.

Our experience

Most of our consultancy work is handled by our CEO, Phil Coote. Phil has been involved in the NFC industry for almost ten years and has worked on hundreds of marketing, asset management, product integration and authentication projects all over the world. Widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on NFC tags and tag deployments.

How we work

While Seritag is an NFC tag and software supplier, we provide consultancy on a strictly impartial basis. We may show you the tags we have but in many cases, they might not be the ones you need. Seritag know all the major and most of the minor NFC tag and software suppliers in the industry. If we feel that there's a solution which will suit you better, we will present the options to you.

We can work with you in whatever way you find the best either by email, telephone, Skype/Net Conferencing or in person. NFC tags are physical products and we have found over the years that physically handling the tags and understanding their limits and benefits can progress understanding much quicker. This is particularly true if you are looking to integrate tags into other products or items. Therefore, even a short in-person meeting can acheive a substantial amount.

In the first instance, contact us and we'll quickly walk you through the consultancy options.

Where we work

Seritag provide consultancy services within the UK and European markets.

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