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NFC Authentication Pack - Getting Started

26 October 2023   |   Buying Advice

Your Authentication Starter Pack

Your Authentication Start pack contains a selection of our most popular authentication NFC tags.

Encoded Starter Pack

If you ordered your tags with encoding, then they will work immediately and you can scan the tags to experience the performance. The tags are encoded through our ixkio tag management platform to redirect to a sample landing page. This is what's happening : 

  1. Each time you scan the tag, it generates a new code in the URL using a secure key.
  2. The tags link directly to the ixkio tag management platform which checks this code
  3. If the code is valid and hasn't been used before, it redirects to the sample authnfc website
  4. The authnfc website is protected by our ixkio CodeLink system which collects information about that tag (the product info) and displays it on the page. 

If you copy the link from the NFC tag to another tag and scan a couple of times, the tag will fail authentication. If you land on the authnfc page and wait 10 seconds or so and refresh, it'll fail authentication. This demonstrates the secure link between the physical tag and the authenticated page. If the actual tag isn't scanned then the page content isn't visible. 

Scanning each tag will launch details of that specific tag and allow you to visit the page on our website to view product details. 

NFT Samples

Included in your pack is also a couple of NFT sample tags. These tags are pre-encoded to connect through our ixkio platform and then land on our sample authnfc website. These tags are being authenticated on ixkio but ixkio is also collecting NFT data from a blockchain using specific information stored with that tag on our platform. This NFT dat is then being dynamically displayed on the landing page via our CodeLink system. Ixkio is authenticating both the NFC tag and the owner of the NFT as recorded on our platform. 

Non-Encoded Starter Packs

If you ordered a starter pack without encoding, you can encode these tags yourself with a mobile phone to test the scan performance. To encode as a genuine authentication tag is a lot more complicated. If you want to develop and get started, we recommend using NXP's TagXplorer PC app. It's not easy to encode a large number of tags but it's very good as a starting point to get your head around the basics of how encryption and keys work with these NTAG424 chips. 

NFC Authentication Explained

If you are unsure about how the whole authentication process works, then take a look at our video on YouTube. 

Products Included in Starter Packs

ST847 - PVC Card Gloss NTAG424: Ideal for secure access control and anti-counterfeit use cases. 

ST933 - 25mm Garment Spec NTAG424: This tag has a great scan distance for it’s size due to the copper coil. It can withstand domestic wash and dry cycles. This is an ideal tags for clothing and accessories.

ST931 - 43mm White NTAG424: Due to the large size, it has a very strong scan distance.

ST929 - 29mm SlimDisc NTAG424: This is a hybrid of a disc tag and a sticker, it can withstand a slight flex.

ST927 - 25mm Clear Disc NTAG424: This disc tag has clear PVC making the copper antenna and chip visible. 

ST924 - 20mm PPS Disc Tag NTAG424: A small but very durable disc tag, waterproof and can operate in temperatures from -25 to +85 degrees centigrade.

ST925 - 30mm PVC Disc NTAG424: A great choice for location tagging as it is more durable than a label. Also perfect for non-washable accessory integration such as bags.

ST892 - 48x78mm Clear NTAG424: This product is more durable than a label, has a great scan distance and has a 50 year data retention specification. 

ST928 - 29mm White NTAG424: Available with ID/QR code print, great for document authentication.

ST947 - 18mm Wet Inlay NTAG424: Ideal for print lamination where space is limited.

ST945 - 28mm Tamper NTAG424: This is a peel tamper tag where the antenna is designed in a way so that when the top layer of material is removed - by an attempted removal of the sticker - then the antenna breaks and the tags will no longer function. This is designed to detect tampering.

ST948 - Scratch Tamper NTAG424: This is a scratch tamper and are designed to disintegrate when they are tampered with. The surface material will chip and in doing so, the antenna will be destroyed. Ideal for use with wine bottles for example where a designed label can be placed over the top. 

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