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How NFC Tags are Supplied

29 April 2020   |   Buying Advice

NFC labels : simple orders

Our standard method of delivery for orders of 100 tags or less is to cut the reel of tags into strips. How many tags on a strip will depend on the size of the tag but it's usually between 5 and 7. If the exact quantity is important then please contact us before placing your order online.

NFC disc tags, cards and other products : simple orders

The packaging method for these products varies by product type. In all cases we will package them in a way that protects them in transit.  


A batch is a separately packaged group of tags. For most orders there will only be a single batch (leave as 1 on the order form) and this is included in the price.

However, some more complex orders require the tags split and the reels/packaging separately labelled and this is a multiple batch delivery. Note that with batches, the packaging is labelled not the tags - although it can be combined with ID printing of course. Generally, in this instance we would cut, bag and label batches of 100 tags or less into strips of between 5 and 7 tags. Over 100 tags per batch and we may delivery each batch on a separate reel with the label on the inside of the reel core. Each batch will be labelled according to your order spreadsheet.

Batches may be useful if, for example, you intend on sending a quantity of tags to different departments or want different encoding on groups of tags for different products or marketing campaigns.

If you have an order with a large number of batches, then please contact us before placing your order online as we may be able to reduce the costs by working in certain ways.

Non functioning tags

We use class leading NFC tags on all our orders and the number of non-functioning tags on a reel is low. However, due to the manufacturing processes, some reels will be supplied to us with specifically marked non-functioning tags. This is perfectly normal and is part of the strict quality control procedure that our suppliers have in place. On a new reel, non-functioning tags are marked with a black rectangle.

A marked non-functioning NFC tag

Under normal procedure we will not deliver non-functioning tags to you. The non-functioning tags will be removed from the reel/strips and you will get a perfect batch. This may leave the occasional 'gap' on the liner where the tag has been removed. If you are using automatic applicators and gaps may cause a problem then there are alternative solutions. Please contact us for more information.

Please note of course that non-functioning tags are not included in the count. If you order 100 tags, you will get 100 functioning tags.

Delivery accuracy

Seritag design and build our own machines for encoding, ID printing and counting. Unlike normal sticker buying where they may be a delivery 'tolerance' on the quantity, this does not apply with us. The machines are extremely accurate and you will never get less tags than you have ordered. Please note however that in some instances we will add a few additional tags, perhaps to save wasting a couple of tags off the end of a reel. If you require an exact quantity per reel because of automated applications or similar, then please let us know and we can provide this easily.

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