iPhone NFC Tags Pack Information

10 quality NFC tags : 5 x white, 5 x clear
Pre-encoded and locked for safety
Free Ixkio tag management subscription
Redirect to your social media or website instantly !
£12.00 / €13.68(inc VAT)

The iPhone can't encode to NFC tags. To resolve this, Seritag have launched an iPhone pack with pre-encoded NFC tags. Simply register your included Ixkio tag management subscription*, scan any tag to find which tag you are working on and update the link.

Step 1 : Purchase a tags pack

You can buy the Seritag iPhone NFC Tags Pack directly online. The pack contains 5 white face 29mm high performance NTAG213 NFC tags and 5 clear 29mm NTAG213 NFC tags.

The tags are pre-encoded and locked to the Ixkio tag management platform so no encoding is required and they are ready to use.

Step 2 : Register for Ixkio

To make changes to where your NFC tags link, you simply need to register on the Ixkio tag management platform using the registration code in the pack or emailed to you. Your tags will already been loaded and ready to use.

*Each NFC tags pack includes a free year's subscription to the platform. After the first year, the tags will continue to redirect but modifications will require a subscription.

Step 3 : Scan an NFC tag

To identify which NFC tag you are editing, just scan each NFC tag with your phone (doesn't need to be an iPhone).

A quick start page will display the tag identity to allow you to set the right link within the Ixkio management system.

Step 4 : Update the link

Now just redirect your tag to your online store, Facebook or Instagram page, blog or any other internet page.

You can update the link as many times as you want through your Ixkio account.


Are the tags locked ? ▾
Yes. The tags are encoding and locked to the Ixkio Tag Management system which means they can be used in public places without problem.
How many tag scans are allowed ? ▾
The included free Ixkio tag management subscription includes 100 tags scans per month. Additional scans are available with a paid subscription. In our experience, 100 scans per month is plenty for many use cases.
What can I link to ? ▾
The Ixkio management system will allow you to link to any web address such as your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page, blog, company website, YouTube video and so on.
Does Ixkio provide stats ? ▾
Not on the free version. If you want additional features such as QR codes or stats, then there are three levels of paid subscriptions.
Can I add additional tags ? ▾
If you need more than 10 tags then please contact us. Purchasing two sets of tags will result in having two Ixkio accounts which isn't always ideal. There are a number of options available, so just let us know what you need.
Do I need to enter card details to register on Ixkio ? ▾
No. Unless you want to take a higher level subscription to get access to more advanced features, then there's no requirement to enter card details.
Which iPhones will these tags work with ? ▾
The latest generation of iPhone XS, XR and XS Max can scan NFC tags without any additional Apps. The iPhone 7, 8 and X can scan NFC tags with an App. There are a number of free Apps available and we recommend NXP's free TagInfo App. NXP make the microchips that go into the NFC tags and it's a reliable, safe App.
Will these tags work with other phones ? ▾
These tags will also scan with all Android NFC enabled phones. We sell this as an 'iPhone' pack simply because unlike Android users, iPhone users must have pre-encoded tags.
I have an Android phone, can I buy these tags ? ▾
Yes. The tags will work in exactly the same way on Android as the iPhone. Please note that the tags are locked to prevent unwanted changes to the tag content. Android users will not be able to encode these tags or change the data.
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